Throwback Traits comes to life under the concept of creating products and ideas around a lifestyle that we believe in: Living a life of purpose and spending our time on earth with value.

We truly believe that life should be lived knowing where we come from, loving where we are, and purposely knowing where we are going. Life is so precious that we should not waste any time doing things that don't´ add to our character. We must devote our time and efforts to perform whatever we are passionate about, to live in the moment, and have the clarity to make decisions that are aligned with our purpose.

Our brand unveils the concept of the Throwback Person, a concept that represents all those who have a passion for life, that love adventure and to take chances; in order to do so, they are mentally strong and aware that their lives can influence and help others.

How is this state achieved? well, they are in constant contact with their inner selves and believe they have a purpose in life worth achieving. Therefore we believe that every person, man or woman, has a purpose in this world and that working for it gives meaning to his or her life.

Our brand is built around this concept, and we are dedicated to creating products in order to promote The Throwback Traits lifestyle.